Foot Answered Questions

Barefoot Questing

Whenever a question is brought to my attention, I have learned to take it for a barefoot quest to find the answer. For I have found that there is thinking from the butt (butt head thinking) and there is thinking from the feet. Most of the questions shared here came from my Facebook page and I will not use full names. Other questions are ones that I quested into the mountains to find the answer to. Others are answers I still seek.

Why do some in this electronic age,
appear to be comfortable with their cage and rage?
Well, all I can tell you is what I do.
I grin and dodge and do it out of shoes!
~ Mick Dodge

Questions that I am asked:

When you are walking barefoot, what do you do about stickers?

I pay attention and try not to step on them. If I do step on one, I usually say ouch, sometimes shit! Then I pull it out.

– asked by D.B.

What do you do when your feet get cold?

I get them warm.

– asked by Susan

Are you a fake?

I have never met you and no I am not a fake. What I am however, is a “dodge” and enjoy faking people “out” of their shoes, walls, machines and stupidity by landing their bare feet in the earth. For the first thing that happens when you begin to step out of shoes is you begin paying attention, and the second thing that will happen for you especially, is you will learn to accept that you are a butt head.

– asked by Tom H. from Georgia (on Facebook) 

How do you get on FB if you live in the wild?

I am not sure why you are asking me how to get on FB. You are already on it.

– asked by Mike B. of Texas (on Facebook)

Get out of your shoes, you’re getting fat,
You’re going to end up flat on your back!
Learn to stride across the grass,
And you will lose that old fat ass!
~ Mick Dodge

Questions that I ask myself (and take a bare sole quest to answer):

Is it unnatural to trash the oceans, rivers and forest, and what do I do about it?

It is natural trashing and destroying the oceans, rivers and forest. It is also natural for some of us to grow up and recognize that trashing the earth is a bad habit. So what do I do about it? I pick up the trash and figure out where to put it.

What do I do about boredom?

Accept it as a wonderful reaction to the moment and a opportunity to use my curiosity and boredom sounds into two words….bore dumb!

What is the first thing that happens when I step out of shoes?
I begin paying attention or paying the price for not paying attention.
What is a good skill for dodging trolls?

I enjoy trolls because my feet tell me they come from the word “CONTROL,” which is two words “CON” and “TROLL, meaning they try to con me out of my grinning soles and they present a pathetic challenges during the Game Of Olding. I have trained for many seasons at dodging and enjoy the challenge.

I heard years ago from the old ones that trolls use to hide under bridges and go after those seeking to cross over into freedom and the unknown. Because they lack the courage and strength to free themselves. Now they hide behind computer screens begging for attention. At least the old trolls had a bit of courage to face who they were trying to con.

At first my skill in handling them was to play with them. I viewed it as a test of training. But I am old now and they bore the shit out of me. So I dodge them.

However, I do have a cure for trolls that I have no doubt will cure their belief in the old saying “Misery Loves Company”.

So take a shower, get in bed, pull the sheet over your head and die or try going barefoot, step out into a life that makes sense.

Don’t hang around those shopping malls,
learn to dodge past those walls.
Head out into the mountain peaks
and you will find what you seek!
Learn to barefoot far and wide
and open up the earth inside.
~ Mick Dodge

Questions and Answers that I Dodge:

I thought MAGA,”Make America Great Again'' was talking about before 1492, when this country was full of green, and meant “Make America Green Again”. Did I miss something?

In order to Make America Green Again, we begin with “Making America Grateful Again” and being grateful requires the physical effort of planting things.

Are chocolate chip cookies good for me?
No shit, of course they’re good for me! I don’t know if they’re good for anyone else, but I love ‘em!
What is the cure for wrinkles?
In my research on aging, one of the cures I have found for wrinkles is grinning.