Barefoot Connection

Step outside, plant your feet, start singing songs and see if we meet!

You’re the guru of you! If you’re barefooting, building a home earth gym, planting trees — we’d love to see what you’re up to.

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Adventures of the Bare Sole Habbit

Visit YouTube to see Mick’s adventures.

The Adventures of a Bare Sole Habbit

I am on a bare sole mission in foot pursuit of other Habbits and habitats of the Pacific Northwest Earthgym. Sharing ways to transplant the bare soles and form a practice of remembering, recovering and restoring our footing with the earth as four sole, two footed, strength tool handling, happy human Habbits of the Share.

I will be traveling on the “butt head wall” (road) in two shoeboxes on wheels. Vans have been outfitted as gym and lodging, and are used for scouting a footpath from the lands of OM (Olympic Mountains) east to Mt. Baker, down the Cascades and Mt. Lassen. Then out to the coastal redwoods, we turn north and head up the coast back to the lands of OM.

Along the way, we’ll be setting up earthing spots and sharing training circles.

Check back here for dates when we hit the road.

Footnote from Mick

Connecting my bare soles, growing soles and strength, and sharing stories with other happy human Habbits are some of my passions. For I have learned some incredible knowledge and skills from other Habbits – teachings that have guided my foot pursuit and practices in landing my bare soles, growing soles and strength, and learning their stories. So I hope you take the time to share and connect in the ways that you have come up with – playing, training and earthing in the Games Of Olding. My soles are wide open and always ready for stepping out the door and learning more from others, and then spreading your ways around.

Habbits that Connect and Get “IT”!

Connecting the bare soles to soil, strength, and sharing a story with other Habbits that share in the secret of “IT,” is what keeps me fit with “IT” — and I am so grateful for their teachings and guidance.

For who these other Habbits and habitats are, check out my BLOG postings under Habbits Of The Share and The Secret Of “IT.”

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Caring, sharing and connecting is a good thing to do.
I do it with the earth and I do it out of shoes.

I am old and barefoot and both are slow.
I was also born a Dodge. So you should know.

The best way to pull my attention off the ground,
Is to share with me what your feet have found!

It may take some time to get back to you,
But you can trust that I will and I will do it out of shoes!