Strength Tools

The Art and Discipline of Dodging

For over two hundred and eighty seasons I have been following my feet,
And now I would like to share what my feet have shown me!

So thanks for taking the time to check out my gibberish, gimmicks and strength
tool gadgets, which I use in my practice to explore old habits.

The Game Of Olding is what I play and live for.
I step out of shoes and out the door!

Dodging my bare feet into earthing the land,
Along with a very old saying that my feet understand.

Set the rhythm with my feet and strong grip and grin.

And the “AND” in this old saying makes up most of the word “Land.”
And the “L” is for leg, which I use to stand.

For when I land the land, the land lands me.
At least this is what I have learned in landing my feet.

So growing Story, Soil, Strength and bare soles,
This is how I play, train and earth the Game Of Old.

Strength Tools in Action

Barefooting strength tools


The first thing that happens when I step out shoes, I begin to step with attention and accept the news. To land with care and open to the share, I developed a bare sole practice of being Aware.



Sticks are an extension of my bones. I use them to leverage and stretch the sound of OM. Sticks, you know, they come from a tree. So, follow the stick and learn how to breathe.



Hanging hugging with ropes in a tree, weaves my attention far beyond me. And hanging on a limb upside down, I can use earth’s gravity to get rid of the frown.



Dancing stone tunes the muscle tone. Grin, pull, leverage and feel the grip of home. For the earth pulls in me and I pull in the earth. It is a wonderful gift that came with birth.

Barefooting strength tools

Stick and Stone

Hammering is a practice that takes me to the heart of the matter. They are used to swing and pull out of the gossip and chatter, like the common saying “MIND OVER MATTER,” which is arrogant and stupid and fills me with laughter.

Matter is an old German word that translates to mother. And a mother nurtures our nature to mature and to go further. So, “MIND AS MATTER” seems a better fit, for the keeper of the mind is the mother, and this I get.

Barefooting strength tools

Rope and Stone

Ball and chain are a rope and stone. I sling them and swing them and pull on my bones. I am pulled into a spiral with tremendous force. And it takes a strong grip and grin to hold the course.
Barefooting strength tools

Stick and Rope

A stick and a rope can make a trapeze. And a ladder as well to climb up a tree. So many ways to join these two. A needle and thread, you can make some shoes!
Barefooting strength tools

Stick, Rope and Stone

Stick, rope and stone lead to archery. Releasing your attention into the breeze takes strength, focus and control. And it’s a damn good way to stick a troll.

Barefooting strength tools


Put some stones in a sack and swing it around. Or put sacks on your feet when you go into town. Sack is like story, you gather, store and tell. What you stuff in your story might be a spell.

From the B.L.O.G.

Barefeet Landing On Ground

Barefeet Landing On Ground

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