Who We Are

We are Habits, Habitats and Habbits of the share!

We share old new ways of crafting bare soles, growing soil, cultivating strength into a story that “makes sense” and inhabits the heart of the “matter.”

Though landing our bare soles is the first step in our practices and sharing our ways. Do not mistake us for Hobbits. They are shorter than most of us.

We are Old Habbits that have a passion for playing, training, earthing and inhabiting in “The Game Of Olding.” The oldest and most extreme sport on the planet – Aging!

Our passion for playing and sharing is motivated by the simple question:

How long can we stay on the field of play as a four sole, two-footed, strength tool wielding happy human Habbits that grow living habitats?

Habits, Habitats, Habbits
of the Share

The Pacific Northwest Earthgym

Our playing field begins in the Lands Of “OM” (Olympic Mountains, WA) where we inhabit, engage and challenge our good and bad habits by dancing with the fire, running with the wind, gripping into stone and stuffing what is revealed into our sack (story), and following our feet on an adventure east into Cascadia to find footpaths and other habitats and Habbits of the Share

We then turn south, which sort of feels like making our way downhill, exploring what our feet reveal. Until we reach the valley of Shasta Mountain where we step into the Old Strength Farm for soaking our soles, sharing with others, sacking our research and goals, and evolving our Grip and Grin of Grounding – our personnel practice and home earthgym.

When our feet begin to itch with boredom, we then step out and head west, following the Klamath river, making our way out to the coastal Redwoods, and turn north to journey up the coast until we reach the Lands Of OM.

What is the distance of this journey? Two feet!
How long does it take us? We are older than when we started.

Habits of the Soil

“In a hole in the ground, there lived a Hobbit.”
– J.R.R. Tolkien

In a “whole” of the ground there lived some good habits, not some trashed, toxic, saturated, asphalt-covered forgotten dead “whole” with bad habits. This is a living “whole,” full of good habits and habitats that are growing and sharing with all of community.

Organic soil creating life, home for the forgotten microbiome, nematodes, plants, mushrooms, trees, insects, creatures on the move – including the two-footed human Habbits that are aware that they are part of the “whole.” They are aware that their feet are landing on the soil. They eat of the soil. They breathe of the soil and were born with the natural gift for caring, sharing and inhabiting a story that makes sense for all of life.

Habits of the Hoof, Paw,
and Wings

We Habbits that play and train in the extreme sport of aging have learned ways to witness the habits of the hoof, paw and wings, who love to play and participate in the Game of Olding and openly share teachings on how to fit a habitat.If the Human Habbit is open to stepping out of arrogance and landing in the field of play and learning what they have to teach, the teachings that must be “earned” and the word “earn” makes up most of the word “Learn” and the “L” stands for leg.

A simple way to remember, recover and re-story their teachings is to land on your bare feet, set a rhythm, voice the word “fitness” and realize that it is two words…”Fit” and “Nest.” A nest is what the two-footed wing beings create a home for their young. It’s where they nurture the nature of the younger to become mature and give flight to the adventure.

At least this is what we have learned from our “nematoes,” which guide our bare soles in creating our home earthing gym and earthing practices.

Older and Younger
Happy Human Habbits

We are Habbits in the foot pursuit of landing our bare soles and exposing our good and bad habits. We are figuring out which habits to play, train and earth in the Game Of Olding, and we share the ways we have found in Gripping, Grinning and Grounding in the “Secret Of It.”

A secret we have learned is to keep “IT” safe and sharing. Keep “IT” spirited, sacred and sounding. Keep “IT” simple and sensible.

So! What is the “SECRET of IT” that we old Habbits enjoy sharing?

Well, land your bare feet and begin walking “IT.” Then jump into a run and chant the letters of the word “RUN” over and over again..R..U..N, R..U..N, which sounds into three words: ARE YOU IN?

“IT” is asking you a question. Run in this way until you can run no more. Then start dancing “IT” and see if you get “IT.” If you do not get “IT,” do not worry. We have other ways to share what we know about “IT.” If you do get “IT,” then we hope you will share what you have learned about “IT.”

Valley Hall Laughing

Valhalla is a habitat located in the mountains west of our Old Strength Farm, and is a day’s run or forty minutes by a shoe box on wheels along the butt head road. It is a secluded 220 acres with thousands of trees, caves, many wild creatures and watering holes, and is an extension of the Old Strength Farm habitat. It is where we go to step out of our thinking, feelings and wording. Knowledge, skills and desires on fitness that we have gathered in the “world” – we take them “out” and expose them to the wild, to see if they make sense.

The word “world” is an old German word that means the age of man or the age of humans.

There is an old saying, or call it a mantra, that we follow, that we learned from stepping in and out of shoes, insulation, walls, machines, domination, domestication.


And if you notice
the common sounding word in this saying is the word “and.” And it’s the word that makes up most of the word “LAND,” and the “L” stands for “Leg.” When you land the land the land will land you. Something that we learned in stepping out of shoes.

From the B.L.O.G.

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Barefeet Landing On Ground

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