Our Farm

Our Home Earthgym

Located in the valley of Shasta Mountain on 15-acres, Our Farm is our home earthing gym. Here we share our practices of crafting and cultivating our soles, soil, water, food, strength and story for playing, training and earthing in the Game Of Olding.

Thirty-five miles to the west, located in the Klamath Mountains, is an extension of our farm that we call Valhalla, Valley Hall Laughing. With 220 acres, it has thousands of trees, water and wild creatures. This is where we go to engage, explore and challenge our habits of aging.

Planting Bare Soles

The first steps in creating a home earthing gym is to create the surface areas for transplanting tender bare soles. So we set up paths and foot pits for engaging, exploring, challenging and crafting our soles. Terrains like sand, mud, dirt, gravel, stone and grass that root and grow  mature our reflexes, reactions and reflections into a set of soles that walk a story that makes sense. And we are talking about making sense in the most direct meaning — tactile stimulation — five toes that count out the word “touch”.

Watering a Walking 
Sack of Water

Another important consideration is the training of our water sense. We are all walking sacks of water and a very important way to train the sense of water is cold plunges, sweats and fire baths. So on our farm we set up a 20,000 gallon pool with a variety of strength tools, a barrel sauna, and a fire pit we dug six feet down into the ground for dancing our exercises with the fire.

Growing and Feeding All

The third sense that is important for any training hall is eating good food that feeds the hall. And if you notice, the word “all” makes up most of the word “hall”, and the “H” begins the word “Home”. So growing food for plants, insects, other animals and Habbits, and sharing the harvest creates a “great attitude,” which are two words that form the word “gratitude” and is one of the goals of our training.

Breathing and Hugging Trees

Breathing with the intention to train our attention here at the farm we use trees.

There are many wonderful Habbits that share breathing skills and knowledge in the “sitting world” (city or sitty), which we are most grateful for. However, we take them up into a vast variety of trees here at the farm and climb up high, which focuses the attention and a strong grip to test them out. Strong winds blow regularly here in the valley, and so we have the opportunity to explore breath work and attention during storms, and hanging upside down makes use of gravity to pull and shape our grip and grin.

Singing and Hearing Songs

Any home gym without a sound system would be incomplete, and song is so important for training one’s calling. Our sound system is created by seeding and planting songs. These come from doves, black birds, owls, geese, hawks, hummingbirds, crows, bees, howling coyotes, horses, cows andwind in the trees. And we use wind and string instruments and drums in order to connect and tune our ears and feet into harmonizing with the earth songs.

Landing and Grounding Vision

We Habbits here at the farm believe that all Habbits are born with a calling. Once the barefeet are planted in a practice, the Habbit begins to clearly see their vision. So we use magnifying glasses, microscopes and telescopes to expand our habits of answering our calling with clear vision. It is important to know that a calling and a vision do not mean shit until they are landed and grounded in a mission, and a mission is a physical place and journey.

Sheltering and Dream Time

If you move the “H” from the end of the word “earth” and place it front, you reveal the word “heart.” And if you squeeze the word “heart” and “earth” together you reveal the word “hearth.” And a hearth is where the fire burns in any good home shelter or earth gym.


We train in sleeping form in order to reveal good dreams. So we have outfitted many wonderful spots that use grounding in the earth for recovery, such as holes in the ground, hammocks in the trees, lambskin sleeping pads and many more.

Footing the Wall

Preparing and training for the Game Of Olding, and taking our home practices for a footing outside the boundaries of the strength farm, is the first step onto the playing field to test our footing. As Bilbo Baggins the Hobbit pointed out, “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

So our home earthing gym extends out into the valley with miles and miles of asphalt and gravel walls (a road to us is a wall on the ground). We engage the walls on foot, bike or pulling carts, picking up trash, moving dead animals to the side, waving at the butt head machines as they pass — most wave and for those that do not, we dodge them. Footing the wall is a great way to test the endurance of one’s grip and grin of the game. If you move the “s” on the end of the word mile you come up with the word “smile”.

Minding the Heart of Matter

Mind over matter in our home gym is a saying that we have learned to dodge and laugh. It leads to a dominating attitude. When we follow our feet and allow the earth to teach, we find that the keeper of the mind is the earth. It is the matter. So we train “with” matter until we train “as” matter. The keywords are “with” and “as” and “matter”. We train “with” a goal until we become “as” the goal.

“Matter” is an old German word that means “mother” and what a mother does is nurture our nature to become more mature, which is a fundamental principle of training in the extreme sport of aging.

So thirty-five miles west of our farm we acquired 220 acres of wild land in the Klamath mountains, thousands of trees, creek, other wild beings. We call it Valhalla, Valley Hall Laughing, where we can land our bare soles into a practice of minding the heart of the matter.

From the B.L.O.G.

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