The Habitat Map

The Map of ME (Minding Earth)

“The map is not the territory.” I heard Joseph Campbell say long ago.
So I stuffed these words in my sack, words of wisdom to land and know.

“The map is not the territory” and it be the same for the habits of “ME”.
And I used this map’s three habitats and followed my shod feet.

By stepping “In AND Out AND Out AND In.”
A journey with no beginning and there is no end.

Feet sounding out the three common words “AND!”
And ….”AND” leads my feet into the word “LAND!”

And when I land the land, the land lands me.
Shifting and shaping the things I perceive.

Figure 8 Map - Our Farm

The Sitting World

In the “Sitting Walls,” shoes, machines and doing the time, send electronic visions casting a spell over my mind.

Habits of sadness, pain, fear and ignorance. I’m bored in my shoes with all the arrogance.

So I sacked my habits in my shoes and stepped outside the door. I had this feeling and a hunch that there must be something more!

I followed the road that leads out into the open lands, with fences, plants and trees all in an orderly stand.

Open Fence Lands

Miles of fencing and “NO TRESPASSING SIGNS” hanging on the gates. Butt head machines roaring by, dead animals left in their wake.

Feet telling me that the “road is a wall laid on the ground.” So I began jumping fences and dodging all the towns.

In the distance, I could see some forest peaks. Where I will find the peace of mind I seek!

And with a sack of habits I set my stride in my hiking shoes. I made it to the forest with my sore feet and sat with what I knew.

The Gated Wild

Then an arrogant voice arose in me. And I know now that it came from sore feet. “You butt head habit, you think you know so much! Now is the time to land bare feet and remember how to touch!”

Tender soles landing in the forest moss. Exposing my butt head habits and what they had cost. For my feet no longer fit the gift that came with birth. My bare soles no longer fit into this earth.

So much flowed through my feet from this naked touch. I became addicted and ran in the forest with my naked butt. Stepping dirty soles “out” until they grew “in.” I began to realize, I was growing my grip and grin!

I made a vow. “No more shoes will I wear on my feet.” But, I did not know the earth had more to teach. The season changed and my feet got cold. And once again my arrogance was exposed.

So I used my hands and crafted some soles. Fitting them to my feet, warming my toes. Stepping “in” and stepping “out” is a middle path. And this is what I had learned about that.

Winter soles stepping “out” and “in” to spring time. Planting bare soles I had found my mind! The keeper of the mind is the touch of bare earth! And my butt head habits had turned me into an arrogant jerk.

Adventures of the Bare Sole Habbit

Returning with my new map exploring three territories, exposing bare sole habits, revealing a new story. And knowing there will be times when I will be pulled “in” to the “MAP OF ME,” all I have to do is step “out” and dodge and land my barefeet!

For “ME” is to letters that mean “Minding Earth.” And the map is not the territory, so get rid of it first!

Figure 8 Map - Our Farm