Yoish!  I have assumed the butt head posture in order to use my upper paws to make my first blog posting.  On a matter that is so dear to my bare sole purpose, which is to share ways that are not about sitting on the butt.

So I have designed a special kind of shoes for Blogging, which are flower pots filled with some good organic soil and I am able to keep my feet planted while working on this blog,

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Barefeet Landing On Ground

Barefeet Landing On Ground

I lost my talk so I went for a walk, following my feet into the land. I climbed into a tree sucked into a breeze and I began to understand.

Then I heard the news so I took off my shoes and followed my feet higher into the stone. I fell into a walk, listened to the talk and found my way touching home.

Our Farm and the Game of Olding

Our Farm and the Game of Olding

Following my barefeet as a practice of growing soles landing on the ground. Barefeet constantly revealing new physical ways to discover and be found! So many ways to engage, explore and challenge my naked touch.Reminding me to get off my butt! A practice of recovery tha

The Art and Discipline  of “Dodging”

The Art and Discipline of “Dodging”

I run far across the land. I run the earth to understand. And as I come into her space. I explore her valleys and get lost in her face. I look deep down into her eyes. She feels the thunder in my thighs. I smell the sweetness on her wind. I feel the fire and go within.


  1. Denise McCambridge

    Thanks for your words of wisdom.

    • Mick Dodge

      You are welcome and feel free to share any words of wisdom back at me. I get bored with my own stuff and love reading what other people come up with from their bare soles landing on the ground!

  2. myrna

    You’re barefooting poetry is inspirational, especially this cold November morning when I am in between barefoot and warm coverings for the toes.. Heavy socks in my yard and fairy garden do the trick for the time being..

    • Mick Dodge

      That is one of the best things about winter is getting the feet cold and then sliding them into a set thick wool socks. I use Ice landic wool socks, and then some special really thick wool socks that were a gift.

      • Pam Herber

        My husband and I watched your episodes of Mick Dodge. We couldn’t get enough. We live in eastern Washington, but I was raised in the Olympic Peninsula. My husband is from the Philippines. He was the one who started us on your show.
        Well t.v. And cable ..blah blah blah. We missed you and your shows. Tonight we both looked at each other and said… UTUBE Nick Dodge. Yoish!!!!! You are back!
        Watched your recent podcast with I think red white and you ? Loved it. Thank you for always bringing us back down to earth. And that guy also.
        Thank you


  3. shannon mcclain

    Tried to follow your foot prints along the Olympic Peninsula.
    Fangirled a bit at your mail drop, yearned to speak with you and inhale your words.

    Spoke to the ‘shop lady’ who was a delight and absolutely lovely.
    She mentioned you headed back to my state- I just returned as well.

    Not enough time in the wild, but so elated to have merely crossed your barefooted path.

    Hope one day, I’ll be able to hear your iconic exclamation with my own ear holes.

    Thank you for being you.


    • Mick Dodge

      You must be referring to Peak Six Adventure store, owned by the Petersons and they are amazing people. Glad you got to meet them. Perhaps our paths will cross. I am not sure what state you are. I am in Shasta Valley, set up the Old Strength Farm here my southern training and base camp.
      Thanks for the kind words Shannon.
      Follow Your Feet,
      The Earth Will Teach!