Our Farm and the Game of Olding

by | October 13, 2021 | Our Farm, The Extreme Sport of Aging

Following my barefeet as a practice of growing soles landing on the ground. Barefeet constantly revealing new physical ways to discover and be found!

So many ways to engage, explore and challenge my naked touch.
Reminding me to get off my butt!

A practice of recovery that re-stories my naked soles.
Constantly and persistently changing and growing old!

And as an old barefoot, dodging the caging and raging.
I took up the oldest sport, “THE EXTREME SPORT OF AGING”!

And here at ‘’OUR FARM,” along with other Agers.
We train for the “Games Of Olding” and all its rewards and dangers!

Like having to wake up at night with too many tinkles.
And the stiffness and sagging and so many wrinkles!
Well, the cure for wrinkles is an easy one for me.
All you do is hang upside down in a tree!

Gravity will pull sagging skin into a strong Grip and Grin.
When you land on your feet is when the training begins.

Use two fingers to mold the Grip and Grin into place.
Then foot your way onto the playing field and share your Grinning Face.

What to do about the sprinkle and tinkle that comes with the old?
Have you ever noticed that the word “OLD” makes up most of the word “COLD”!

Well, jumping into very cold water will shrivel that thing.
It will clear the resistance and make it flow like a spring!

So these are a couple of ways that we explore here at Our Farm.
Along with growing soles and soil, we grow strong legs, hips, back and arms!

– Mick

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